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Book Review

Book Review: The Buried Giant by Kazuo Ishiguro

This post has been a long time coming, I got this book on the evening of my birthday which I spent listening to Ishiguro talking about it and answering questions about it in Manchester Central Library. It was a fascinating… Continue Reading →

Book Review – Arab Jazz by Karim Miské, Trans. Sam Gordon

“Yes. They killed her. And I’m not sure, but it occurred to me that I might have loved her, that I loved her in my own way. I imagined the life we might have lived together … It went as… Continue Reading →

Book Review: How To Be Both – Ali Smith

I cannot express my love for the wonderful Ali Smith enough. Every book of hers that I read makes me more and more happy and content, and leaves me with a serious desire to read everything she’s ever written –… Continue Reading →

The Wandering Falcon – Book Review

The Wandering Falcon is by Jamil Ahmed. In summary, it is a collection of short stories that  explore the experiences of the border ‘tribes’ of Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan. In general I think the people he writes about can be separated… Continue Reading →

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