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Book Review: The Buried Giant by Kazuo Ishiguro

This post has been a long time coming, I got this book on the evening of my birthday which I spent listening to Ishiguro talking about it and answering questions about it in Manchester Central Library. It was a fascinating… Continue Reading →

Book Review – Arab Jazz by Karim Miské, Trans. Sam Gordon

“Yes. They killed her. And I’m not sure, but it occurred to me that I might have loved her, that I loved her in my own way. I imagined the life we might have lived together … It went as… Continue Reading →

Book Review: How To Be Both – Ali Smith

I cannot express my love for the wonderful Ali Smith enough. Every book of hers that I read makes me more and more happy and content, and leaves me with a serious desire to read everything she’s ever written –… Continue Reading →

Liebster Awards – Thank you Amy!

A huge thank you to PursuingBears for this nomination to answer questions that are probably difficult! The Liebster Award Rules Thank the blogger who nominated you. (Thank you Rosie!) Answer the eleven questions set by the blogger. Give eleven facts about yourself…. Continue Reading →

The Wandering Falcon – Book Review

The Wandering Falcon is by Jamil Ahmed. In summary, it is a collection of short stories that  explore the experiences of the border ‘tribes’ of Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan. In general I think the people he writes about can be separated… Continue Reading →

Thing Theory and Teapots

I’m interested in writing an essay on Thing Theory (Bill Brown’s confusing brain child written in 2001), and the way it connects to the Palestinian love, and alienation from, their land in the poem, To My Mother by Mahmoud Darwesh. So these… Continue Reading →

Contrasts which lead to Conclusions in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

*I did not do too well with this – I need to use questions as less of a springboard – have I mentioned how much I dislike being given a question and not being able to make up my own?*… Continue Reading →

Does Sidney’s ‘Defence’ still apply to the modern world? I think not.

According to Sidney, one of the main justifications of fiction is that it can offer clearer examples of morality than history. Consider this proposition in the light of a text that uses history. Sidney’s preoccupation with the need to ‘correct’… Continue Reading →

‘Anything You Want to Be, You Can Be’: Self-Expression as the Voice of Legitimacy in Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children

Made the stupid mistake of referring to characters like real people again – need to stop doing that. I also need to remember to explain my interpretation of quotations from critical essays etc. I also never thought I’d actually write… Continue Reading →

Working Against an Image: Okonkwo’s Function in Things Fall Apart

Chinua Achebe is the man. In An Image of Africa, Chinua Achebe criticises the portrayal of Africa in the eyes of the West as one lacking in ‘factual knowledge’ and deliberately construed to help ‘Europe’s own state of spiritual grace’… Continue Reading →

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