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Liebster Awards – Thank you Amy!

A huge thank you to PursuingBears for this nomination to answer questions that are probably difficult! The Liebster Award Rules Thank the blogger who nominated you. (Thank you Rosie!) Answer the eleven questions set by the blogger. Give eleven facts about yourself…. Continue Reading →

Clothes, birthdays, and a bit of politics.

Today we went to the Hadri (pronounced heh-dree) bazaar. The taxi driver knew that mum and I were visiting (maybe just me, he didn’t specify) but he was a lovely bloke and made sure to take us safely and talk… Continue Reading →

Day 1

This the first time I’ve been to my uncle’s new house – in fact I hadn’t realised he had moved. He, along with his wife, two sons, one daughter, one daughter-in-law, and his mother, now live in a single floor,… Continue Reading →

Arrival – Jinnah International Airport

I have been to a number of airports in my ancient existence (okay, not that many), but Pakistan’s always stands out to me. It isn’t huge, or terribly modern, or spacious. The marble, probably once very fashionable, is now discoloured… Continue Reading →

In Anticipation of Pakistan

Tomorrow I fly to Pakistan with my mother. This will be the first time I have gone without my brothers or father to see our family in Pakistan. I am eager to see my extended family in Pakistan, but being… Continue Reading →

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